Step 128

Rhythm Machine

0 High Quality Drum Samples
0 User Sample Slot
0-Velocity Sensitieve Sliders (Sequencer)
0 Built-in Effects
0 Sound Shapers
0 Note-CV Out Connectors
0 Gate-CV Out Connectors
0 Drum Sample Categories
All 128 Steps Are 0% Automatable


Mixfood Step 128 Rhythm Assistant is a 128-step Step Sequencer and 999 + 1 usersample Drum Machine with a lot of features to help you create the most amazing and rhythmic sequences!

128-step Step Sequencer
The 128-step Step Sequencer is packed with musical and rhythmic features.
Rate and Swing control, 128 Velocity Sliders.

Mixfood Step 128 - Step Sequencer & Swing Control
Mixfood Step 128 – Step Sequencer & Swing Control

Each step uses a Velocity sensitive Slider giving you total control over the volume and impact of each step.
To help you create beautiful sequences, each step has a control to set the Key of the step-output (+/- 24 semitones).
An extra feature allows you to set the CV-output signal from short to long, allowing you to create Appeggiator like Sequences when controlling another Synthesizer.

Drum Slot
The Drum Slot contains 999 Drum Samples (Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion, Toms, Bells, Tambourines, Claps and lots of Effects).
There is also room for User Samples (select sound 1000).
The Drum Slot has various controls to shape the sounds to fit your track.
Featuring Envelopes (Amp & Filter), Filters (LP/BP/HP), Tuning, Panning, EQ, Sample Start and Lo-Fi.
The Drum Slot has its own dedicated set of Effects (Grain Pitch, Frequency Shifter, Delay, Reverb, Panning and another EQ).

Numerous controls can also be automated within the Reason Rack.

Put multiple Step 128’s in a combinator to create a perfect 8-BAR drumloop!

Mixfood Step 128 - Combinator Drum Machine
Mixfood Step 128 – Combinator Drum Machine

Audio & CV
On the back you’ll find a Separate Audio Output for the Drum Slot (Audio Out Dry).
The Drum Slot has a CV-gate input so you can control it with another Step Sequencer.

Mixfood Step 128 has 2 CV-gate outputs, Gate+ outputs the Positive CV-signal from the Velocity Sliders and Gate+/- outputs the Positive and Negative CV-signal from the Velocity Sliders.
This allows you to control Synthesisers and Drum computers to create rhythmic sequences. With the Positive and/or Negative CV-signals you complement your beats in a creative but controlled fashion.

Connect the CV-outputs to modulation inputs on other devices so modulation will play in rhythm with your beat! Or control a synthesizer via Gate and Note CV-input!

Mixfood Step 128 - Control Device Via CV-Out
Mixfood Step 128 – Control Device Via CV-Out

Mixfood Step 128 has 4 CV-Note outputs, each outputs a Note-CV signal, MIDI note 60, but can be set to output a diferent pitch (+/- 24 semitones).
When combined with the per-step Key setting, Mixfood Step 128 turns from a simple step sequencer into a versatile Arpeggiator giving you the control you need to shape the pattern.
See the Mixfood Step 128 – Rhythym Assistant Demo video and read the Manual. Or just try it out for 30 days for free…

Views & Panels
Mixfood Step 128 comes with 2 different views, the main panel gives you the total Overview of the 128-step Step Sequencer and a Zoom view for a detailed view of the Drum Slot and its controls and effects.

Rhythm Assistant
Mixfood Step 128 Rhythm Assistant is a true addition to your rack, giving you lots of fun and insiration creating the most amazing sequences!