Wavetable Synthesizer

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The wavetable oscillator contains 500 supreme quality, new and unique wavetables. Each wavetable contains 100 single-cycle waveforms that morph very smooth from one to the next!

Mixfood ReFresh - Complete Wavetable
Mixfood ReFresh – Complete Wavetable

Wavetable with Single Cycle Waveforms
Wavetable with Single Cycle Waveforms


Next to the wavetable oscillator is an analog ‘shaper’ oscillator with 5 basic waveforms (pulse, saw, triangle, sub and noise). Mix the two oscillators to get fresh sounds. The possibilities are endless. With high quality wavetables, the sound is really unique.

Analog (shaper) Oscillator
Analog (shaper) Oscillator


To shape the sound a lot of bells and whistles are at your fingertips. Powerfull unison, tuning, panning, filters, ring modulator, pitchdrop, glide, velocity, frequency shifter, EQ’s, drive and envelopes. There is also an effect bank with 7 different effects (EQ, flanger, phaser, chorus, delay, reverb and lo-fi)

The mod matrix connects 16 sources (constant, envelopes, LFO’s, aftertouch, velocity and modwheel) with 13 destinations (tune, volume, pan, wavetable-index, cutoff, resonance, drive, EQ-frequency, EQ-width, EQ-gain, frequency shifter-range, frequency shifter-depth and frequency shifter-feedback). This creates very dynamic sounds.

Don’t like the built-in effects? No problem!
Mixfood ReFresh can be connected to your favourite effect by flipping the rack and using the separate dry audio-outputs. Or create even more complex sounds by connecting Mixfood ReFresh to other effects.

Separate audio output Wet/Dry
Separate audio output Wet/Dry

ALL knobs, faders and sliders are automatable!

Combine multiple instances of Mixfood ReFesh (using a combinator) to create extra powerfull sounds…

Multiple devices combined in an 'Combinator' with special ReFresh-skin
Multiple devices combined in an ‘Combinator’ with special ReFresh-skin

We’ve created 350+ patches to start with. They are just templates to get you going, change the wavetable, move the index-slider or change a few knobs to get completely new and unique sounds!

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