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283 Super High Quality nature samples, looped and solo (forward and reverse). For generating real sounding nature and weather ambiances. Water, wind, rain, thunder, birds, frogs, farm animals, waves and many more!

7 Generators are at your fingertips for creating amazing ambiances (Generator 1-7). 1 extra Generator to play solo sounds like  birds, dogs, cats, frogs, farm animals, waves, thunderclaps and more (Generator 8).
65+ patches to get you started!

Mixfood Ambi Nature – A Selection Of Patches
Mixfood Ambi Nature – A Selection Of Patches


All generators have their own filters, effects, EQ’s, LFO’s and envelopes.

If you flip the rack over, 17 stereo audio outputs are revealed. The main mix, 8 “wet” audio outputs and 8 “dry” audio outputs. The “wet” audio outputs contain the processed signal of each generator, the “dry” audio outputs contain the signal of the unprocessed/clean signal of each generator. By combining Mixfood Ambi Nature with all your favorite effects that Reason is packed with or combine it with Mixfood Ambi Urban endless possibilities are at your fingertips.

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How to operate Mixfood Ambi Nature
It’s not a regular synth, so the workflow is pretty different.

First of all generators 1-7 are all routed to the same keys. no matter which key you press from C-2 till B2 all play the same note/samples. They play the samples you select in generators 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and/or 7.

Mixfood Ambi Urban - Keyboard Layout
Mixfood Ambi Urban – Keyboard Layout

So, first select the samples you think fit together in generators 1-7 Turn up the volume on each generator (just above 0, if you let the volume sit at 0, the sample will not be loaded).

After you selected the samples and turned up the volume you can just press any key in the range C-2 till B2 to hear the ambiance play. The samples in the selected generators will be played and looped! Create a track, draw in a C2 note and let it play for 15 minutes is the easiest way to edit the ambiance untill it is what you want.

Use the mute button to mute the generators you currently don’t want to hear so you can finetune the others. The Solo button will only work when you press it down. You can finetune the samples untill a perfect ambiance is created.

With the keys C3 and up you can then play solo samples as needed. Each key is mapped to a particular sample. They are all routed to generator 8.

Each generator has an EDIT button, when selected the FX section will be usable for ONLY THAT PARTICULAR generator with the RED EDIT button on. When you press the main EDIT button, the FX section is applied to the MAIN MIX.

Mixfood Ambi Nature - Edit -> Effects Section
Mixfood Ambi Nature – Edit -> Effects Section