Mixfood Ambient Synths.

4 New devices! -> Mixfood Earth, Mixfood Air, Mixfood Fire and Mixfood water.

Create beautiful ambiences and background noises with high quality ambient samples, up to 4 oscillators at a time. Or turn the device in a wavetable synthesizer.

There are 3 ‘Device Modes’

  1. Split keys On: the midi keyboard is split into 4 parts, each oscillator is now assigned to a part of your keyboard (C0->B1, C2->B3, C4->B5 and C6->B7).
  2. Split Keys Off: all keys of the midi keyboard play all oscillators, that are enabled, at the same time. All samples can be played with all available midi keys (C-2 -> G8).
  3. Synthesizer On: turn the ambient player into a full featured, 4 oscillator,  wavetable synthesizer. All ambient samples are now converted to wavetables that you can play as a synthesizer. And like any wavetable synthesizer you can scrub through the sample start position to get the perfect sound. Use all 4 oscillators for a rich and full sound.

Modulation and Effects

Next to the device mode, all 4 devices are packed with effects and modulation possibilities.

High Quality Samples

With over 690 high quality ambient samples, these 4 elements will be a unique addition to your music making arsenal! Sample catrgories include; weather, water, traffic, humans, fire, explosions, thunder, wind, people chatting, people applauding, industrial noises, animal noises and much more!