Who is Mixfood Music?

Mixfood Music By Studio Corbach

Mixfood Music is a company by Studio Corbach.
Studio Corbach was founded in 2004 and operates mainly in the Digital World.

At Studio Corbach we design websites, posters, flyers, logo’s, postcards. We’re also in the stockphoto and video’s business. And we do Field Recording.

In 2015 we started programming Rack Extensions (RE’s) for the Reason rack by Reason Studios under the name Mixfood Music.
Mixfood Music also produces music, mainly progressive trance and relax music under the name Dreamstate Melodies.

At Studio Corbach we try to be as creative as possible, every day!

Years in business
Virtual instruments
Instrument patches
High quality samples

Mixfood Music virtual instruments

Early 2015 we started programming and designing our first Rack Extension for Reason Studios, Mixfood Orange.
Mixfood Orange version 1.0 was released 0n March 23 2015.

In the same year we also released our 2nd Rack Extension, Mixfood Unison XS. Version 1.0 was released on June 17th 2015.

And at the end of 2015, right before Christmas on December 22 2015, we released our 3rd Rack Extension, Mixfood Ambi Nature.