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0 Effects in 3 Oscillators
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Mixfood Orange contains 1300 carefully sampled and perfectly looped samples. Standard waveforms include Saw, Sine, Triangle, Square and Impuls. Next to the standard waveforms Mixfood Orange hosts many rich, stereo and complex waveforms. With 3 oscillators, each containing the same 154 waveforms (made up of several samples) many different sounds can be created.

Each oscillator has its own effects-bank which include: filter(s), delay, reverb, lo-fi, haas effect, overdrive, flanger, phaser and 4-voice chorus.

Each oscillator is routed through 1 or 2 LFO’s and a filter and amp envelope.

Mixfood Orange - Modulation
Mixfood Orange – Modulation

On the master output an extra Global Filter, 4-voice chorus, mono/poly switch and glide function are added for the finishing touch.

Mixfood Orange is perfect for all music styles and can produce all kinds of different synth sounds, from rich moving and lush pads to pumping bass sounds.

If you flip the rack over, 7 audio outputs are revealed. The main mix, 3 “wet” audio outputs and 3 “dry” audio outputs. The “wet” audio outputs contain the processed signal of each oscillator, the “dry” audio outputs contain the signal of the unprocessed/clean signal of each oscillator.

Mixfood Orange - Separate Audio Output
Mixfood Orange – Separate Audio Output

By combining Mixfood Orange with all your favorite effects that Reason is packed with endless possibilities are at your fingertips.

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