How to use Mixfood Virtual Instruments in any DAW?
To use the Mixfood Devices in another DAW (that is not Reason) you need the Reason rack Extensions Plugin!
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When the Reason Rack Extension plugin is installed (VST3 only, AU comming soon) you can select the Mixfood Virtual Instruments you own!

The Mixfood Knock Product Manual can also be downloaded by clicking here!
The shop page gives an error, I’m working on that!

The Mixfood Step 128 Product Manual can also be downloaded by clicking here!

Warning concerning the Timestretch effect in Stutter 128
The Timestretch effect is very sensitive and CPU hungry!
A lot of processing power is needed for the effect to work!
When using the Step Sequencer, the loaded sample(s) are played and processed on every step.
That’s a lot of processing each second.

When using the Formant Shift knob in the Timestretch effect, the sample is processed to match the setting.
This can cause the device to crash and turn itself off!
So when that happens, save your work or the patch and delete the device and reload it again to get it working once more.
Before continuing use the ‘trial and error’ method to see what the device can and can’t handle with the Timestretch effect!!

TIP 1:
Don’t use Amp Envelope Sustain together with the Timestretch effect (maybe not even use it with the step sequencer)!!
Take a look at your CPU level when you do! It’s just too much for your computer…
Sustain causes each step in the step sequencer to play the sample at its full length, over and over again. With a short sample most computers can handle it, but when the sample is longer (lets say more than a half second) it can be too heavy for your computer, and it will build up CPU power processing the samples over and over again.

So don’t use Sustain together with the step sequencer! Use sustain only when your not using the step sequencer or when your sample is as long as a kickdrum…
If you need the sample to play longer, just turn down the Amp Envelope Decay Curve slider (called ‘Dc’) or turn up the Amp Envelope Hold Slider a little (called ‘H’).

TIP 2:
You should only use a little Formant Shift
If you want your sample to sound different in terms of Formant you should pre-process it (in an audio-editor) and not let a Rack Extension try to do it on the fly!!

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